FELCO, the world-leading manufacturer of professional pruning shears and cable cutters since 1945.
  • The people behind FELCO

    The people behind FELCO

    FELCO would not be what it is today without its people. From research to assembly, from machining to grinding, from heat treatment to dispatch and marketing, each and every employee is directly

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  • One vision, objectives and values

    One vision, objectives and values

    In 1946, Félix Flisch was already exporting his products to Holland, Germany, Belgium, South Africa and Israel, with the constant desire of being accepted by professional users. Since that time,

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  • A technological, industrial and commercial adventure

    A technological, industrial and commercial adventure

    When patenting his very first pruning shears (FELCO 1), Félix Flisch, was already adhering to the following principles: - Making the tool as ERGONOMIC as possible; - Making components with the utmost

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  • Being close to customers

    Being close to customers

    By building a vast distribution network, FELCO has aimed to locate professional representatives right across the globe. With the aid of modern communication devices and centralised promotional

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