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Interview: A word from the Editor

Economic crisis: keep investing!

Big names in finance and banking in difficulty, currencies swinging up and down like a yo-yo, US and European auto industries in a slump, economies in recession, households concerned for their buying power. All experts agree on one point, if nothing else: this is the worst economic and financial crisis the world has seen in the last sixty years.

At FELCO however, we believe this economic deadlock should be put into perspective. The cycle of nature does not slow down because of the financial crisis. Vineyards, trees and flowers still need pruning for the 2009 vintage to be produced and the harvest for subsequent years still has to be prepared. The cycle of nature is not concerned with financial and economic cycles.

Of course, faced with a future of disillusionment for many, customers may be reluctant to spend money on tools. By systematically basing its range on durability and very high quality, FELCO is in the best position to contend with such uncertainty in the appropriate way.

In short, despite the crisis, FELCO is perfectly capable of pulling through. We must therefore continue with the strategy we have followed so far and keep on investing, always. This means investing in tools and production methods, refining existing lines and investing in the development of new products, developing customer support and expanding into new markets. The achievements at issue in this new FELCO Passion, including the launch of Essentiel in Australia and the creation of a subsidiary for Africa, show the way forward. For a business like FELCO, continuous investment is a must!