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The FELCO 801, the Speedy Gonzales of the pruning world

Denis, in 2012, we saw the launch of the FELCO 820 and this year, the FELCO 801. Explain to us why you developed your electric tool range.

The FELCO 801 aligns with the current trend governing pruning in viticulture. Presently, pruning professionals use assisted pruning shears when carrying out all cutting operations (small-scale and larger cutting) in addition to when completing finishes. In the past, the electric pruning shears were primarily used for cutting larger diameters. It is a trend which we have not just noted in Switzerland, but France, Germany and Italy too. It is rare in Spain and Portugal.
With the new generation of tools such as the FELCO 820 or now the FELCO 801, assisted tools really help increase productivity and reduce health concerns such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

What difference is there between the two models?

In 2012, we launched the FELCO 820, an extremely powerful tool designed to cut larger diameters, up to 45 mm. It is an ideal tool for pruning within arboriculture, when carrying out forestry work and for the upkeep of parks and gardens. The FELCO 820 can also be used in viticulture for specific uses, such as vine regeneration to quote an example. Main advantages: power and cutting capacity.
With the arrival of the FELCO 801, FELCO completes its electric pruning shear range with a lightweight, compact, slim tool which moves easily amongst the branches. With the FELCO 801, FELCO specifically focuses on wine growers who require a tool which is very easy to handle and very rapid. We have considered the ideal balance between power, speed and weight.

What results has the balance between power, speed and weight produced? How did you go about this?

We did not do things by half: it is the most rapid and lightest tool available on the market. It is 100 grams lighter than our lightest model, the FELCO 800; The FELCO 801 only weighs 745 grams! We have improved the speed by 30%.
To achieve such results, we implemented an original solution which enabled us to improve compactness and weight. It is a totally new technical concept within this product range - never seen before! We have since requested a patent for this principle.

Have you done lots of work on the tool ergonomics?

Yes, we have completed many alterations in order to improve the handling and general ergonomics of the 801. This mainly concerned the protective frame, we worked on the shape, the geometry, the small bulge so that the hand can be positioned naturally, intuitively. This work was carried out alongside our designer, Paolo Fancelli.

How would you define the FELCO 801 in just a few words?

The Speedy Gonzales of the pruning world! It is ultra-rapid, easy to handle, with excellent cutting quality.