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Do FELCO 74 and FELCO 79 spray in the same manner?The pneumatic pruning shears FELCO 74 and FELCO 79 are more or less similar. The spraying function of the model FELCO 74 is bi-directional while it is uni-directional with the model FELCO 79.

Does a FELCO 7 revolving handle fit on an old pruning shear FELCO 3?Yes the revolving handle of the FELCO 7 will perfectly fit on an old pruning shear FELCO 3.

I have a pacemaker and wonder if I can use one of your electric pruning shears.It is strongly recommended not to use an electric pruning shear when bearing a pacemaker. The shear can effectively provoke a dysfuntion of the pacemaker.

Is it possible to cut live electric cables or wiring with FELCO tools?Our tools are not ment to cut live electric cables. It's important that the cable is not under tension when cutting it.

I would to know where I can purchase FELCO tools. Can you please provide me with details?FELCO has a large number of importers as well as 6 subsidiaries. You will find their addresses by clicking on the "Where can I purchase?" link below. Please don't hesitate to contact them: they will be happy to provide you with the details of your nearest FELCO supplier.

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What differenciates the pruning shears FELCO 2 and FELCO 8?The difference between FELCO 2 and FELCO 8 does not consist in the quality or in the use. The handles of the FELCO 8 are more ergonomic. Furthermore, the FELCO 8 has a cutting head offset to extend the forearm. Even when the FELCO 8 is more ergonomic, we recommend to take the 2 shears in your hand in order to define which model suits you. Each modell being different, it is difficult to recommend a precise pruning shear.

How can I resharpen the blade of my FELCO 600 saw?It is not possible to resharpen the blades of our saws (FELCO 600, FELCO 620, FELCO 610) as this would reduce their hardness. If the blade does not cut in a clean way anymore it is necessary to change it.

It is impossible to open the thumb catch of my new pruning shear. What can I do?During transport the pruning shear could have received a choc which could have jammed the catch. Try to unblock it with a screwdriver or return the tool to our agent for exchange.

My electric pruning shear FELCO 82, does no more work after 2 hours of pruning.It's possible that the battery needs to be charged 2-3 times until it gets it's full capacity. It is also necessary to check that the charger works correctly.

Do you have a comparative study showing the cutting rate between a manual pruning shear and an electric pruning shear?We are not in possession of a comparative study regarding the cutting rate between a manual pruning shear and a FELCOtronic. We can however assure that the cutting rate is the same between the two models. It is however certain that it would not be possible to cut as many hours in a row with a manual shear as with an electric one.

Can the spraying product ESCUDO be used with the pneumatic pruning shears FELCO 74 and FELCO 79?The product ESCUDO can be used with both models, although it is more adapted to the FELCO 74.

We use our cable cutters in salty water and noticed that the blades get rusty. What can we do?The blades are made out of steel and it is normal that they become rusty when in a humid or wet environement. Even more when used in salty water. In order to slowen the process, the blades should be dried and greased after every use.

Is the Xylan coating on the blade 50/3 removed if I sharpen it?Yes, but it does not take anything away from its cutting capacity. The coating makes cutting easier and avoids hoof leftovers to stick on the shear. The surface treatment is, after a certain time, used off.

What can be done to avoid that the thumb catch closes while pruning?Following points could create this phenomenon: - Incorrect screw adjustement of the thumb catch. - The spring (ref. 2/13) under the thumb catch is damaged or missing or was assembled on the wrong side during service. The spring 2/13 has to be replaced if it is damaged or missing.

Which spare blade can be used on a FELCO 1?The blade ref. 2/3.

Which cable cutter may replace the FELCO C18S?The cable cutter FELCO C112 could replace the FELCO C18S which is no more manufactured since many years.

The thumb catch of my Pruner FELCO 4 closes while pruning. What can be done to avoid this?As the thumb catch of the FELCO 4 is rivetted, the only possible solution is to hit with a hammer on the rivet. But please be prudent because a too strong hit could jam the thumb catch.

Do you have available a cutting head for sheep hooves for your pneumatic pruning shears?We did not develop for our pneumatic pruning shears any special cutting head for sheep hooves until now. Now and then we receive an inquiry but it is not sufficient to produce them in series. Try our electric pruning shear FELCO 800M developped for sheep hooves.

How should I maintain my pruning shear?1) Clean the blade with a dry cloth after each working day. 2) Oil the spring and the axe of the revolving handle daily. 3) Sharpen the blade when cutting needs more and more effort. Adjust the blades and the anvil-blade when the cut is no more clean.

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Is it possible to use another battery than the one which is specially manufactued for the FELCO 82?No, using a non adapted battery could cause an accident. It is therefore important to only use the battery that was developped for your modell of electric pruning shears.

Is it possible to sharpen the blade of cable cutters? If yes, with what?Generally speaking, it is not necessary to sharpen cable cutter blades. If the user cuts a great many spring steel wires, the hardest material, it is recommended to sharpen the cable cutter blades after 500 cuts. The FELCO 902 or FELCO 903 should be used.

The revolving handle of my pruning shear gets out while pruning. What can I do to avoid this?In order to avoid the removal of the revolving handle, all fingers must be placed on the revolving handle. The index should not be put on the blade handle.

How can I unjam my pruning shear?Oil the spring and the space between the blade and the anvil-blade daily.

Do you still supply blades and anvil blades for my old pruning shear FELCO 3?The blade ref. 2/3 and the anvil-blade 2/4 will fit on your old pruning shear FELCO 3.

My pruning shear passed the whole Winter outside and looks very bad. What can I do?1) Clean your pruner with a metallic brush or an antirust rubber 2) Take apart the pruning shear and clean the spare parts that belong to the adjusting system 3) Grease all spare parts completely 4) Reassemble your shear and adjust it according to the instructions mentioned on the packaging card.