Made in Switzerland by FELCO

Product Information

  • In brief

    • Reliable: rigid, high-resistance tubular aluminium alloy handles / protected lever system / blade and anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel / clean and precise cut / spare parts
    • Efficient: optimised lever system for effortless cutting / easy, durable cutting adjustment / by-pass cutting head
    • Ergonomic: ultra-light tool / effortless cutting / shock absorbers protect wrists and arms / handles with non-slip coating
  • Recommended for

    Our recommendation(1: Recommended, 2: Strongly recommended, 3: Best fit)
    • Viticulture:**
    • Arboriculture:***
    • Parks and Gardens:**
    • Small hand:***
    • Average-sized hand:***
    • Large hand:***
    • Right-handed:***
    • Left-handed:***
  • FELCO technical specifications

    • Curved cutting head
      Curved cutting head

      Effort-reducing cutting head.

    • Cam-assisted action
      Cam-assisted action

      The cam-assisted action greatly reduces the effort required to cut through the wood.

    • Shock absorption system
      Shock absorption system

      The shock absorbers soften the impact upon finishing cutting as well as protecting the hand and wrist.

    • Aluminium handles
      Aluminium handles

      Lightweight, super-strong materials.

  • Accessories

  • Spare parts

    220/3220/3Blade1x 220/3$36.92
    220/93220/93Kit2x 220/10$6.48
    220/1220/1Handle with anvil-blade1x 220/1$103.68
    220/2220/2Handle without blade1x 220/2$64.19
    220/8220/8Cutting head bolt1x 220/8$22.25
    220/8A220/8ABolt for handle 220/21x 220/8A$22.25
    20/920/9Nut1x 20/9
    4/94/9Nut1x 4/9
    220/29220/29Roller1x 220/29$6.97
    2/162/16Locking segment1x 2/16$1.59
    20/1120/11Screw for locking segment1x 20/11$1.10
    220/10220/10Shock absorber1x 220/10$3.79
    220/34220/34Shock absorber support1x 220/34$18.71