Made in Switzerland

Product Information

  • In brief

    • This electroportable set ensures significantly easier movement and even weight distribution on shoulders. It includes a light, slim shoulder bag, made from high-tech anti-transpiring material, a battery with energy-saving system, control housing with USB port in addition to remote housing which enables start/stopping, selection of work options and viewing of useful information.
    • Charging capacity: Half a day to one day (Dependent on usage, a second battery is recommended).
    • Charging time: two hours.
    • Compatibility: FELCO 800, 800G, 800M, 801, 810 and 820.
  • Recommended for

    Our recommendation(1: Recommended, 2: Strongly recommended, 3: Best fit)
    • Viticulture:***
    • Arboriculture:***
    • Parks and Gardens:***
    • Nursery:***
    • Local authorities:***
    • Forestry:***
    • Small hand:
    • Average-sized hand:
    • Large hand:
    • Right-handed:
    • Left-handed:
  • FELCO technical specifications

    • Li-Po Battery
      Li-Po Battery

      Dependent on requirements, one or two batteries can be used at the same time or sequentially. The ultra-light and slim battery is completely independent from the control housing.

  • Accessories

  • Spare parts

    --Additional parts: available from approved retailers who guarantee a direct after sales service. You will find your nearest specialist on our website.
  • Maintenance

    • Preparation

      Before using, we recommend that you check the charge status of your tool and re-adjust the porterage where necessary.