Designed in Switzerland by FELCO, Made in South Korea, Guaranteed FELCO Quality, PATENT NO: US D500,656 S

Product Information

  • In brief

    • Reliable: rust resistant chromed blade made of steel / impulse heat treatment of the teeth / clean, precise cut / parts can be replaced
    • Efficient: conical blade shape for an easy, non-clogging cut / the set and shape of the teeth prevents sap build-up / maintenance free
    • Ergonomic: comfortable non-slip handle / sheath for right- or left-handers with detachable belt loop
  • Recommended for

    Our recommendation(1: Recommended, 2: Strongly recommended, 3: Best fit)
    • Viticulture:*
    • Arboriculture:***
    • Parks and Gardens:**
    • Small hand:***
    • Average-sized hand:***
    • Large hand:***
    • Right-handed:***
    • Left-handed:***
  • FELCO technical specifications

    • Pull-stroke

      The pull-stroke technique reduces effort and eliminates the risk of the blade pig-tailing.

    • Anticorrosion

      Rust resistant chromed blade made of steel.

    • Cutting edge durability
      Cutting edge durability

      Teeth are submitted to the impulse treatment in order to increase the durability of the saw's cutting edge.

    • Teeth geometry
      Teeth geometry

      The teeth geometry is particularly suited for cutting woodland. Improved clearance of metal shavings and a softer bite in order to avoid arm injuries/aches and pains.

    • Blade geometry
      Blade geometry

      The shape of the long blade guarantees optimal comfortable working conditions and reduces vibrations.

    • Ergonomics

      The ergonomic, non-slip handle provides good handling.

    • Sheath included
      Sheath included

      It is equipped with a detachable belt loop which allows you to wear the saw on the belt. Suited to both right-handers and left-handers.

  • Accessories

  • Spare parts

    621/3621/3Blade1x 621/3
    61/461/4Screw1x 61/4
    61/561/5Nut1x 61/5
    610/12610/12Flange1x 611/12
    621/7621/7Holster1x 621/7
  • Parts replacement

    • Changing the blade

      If the tool is no longer cutting properly, it is advisable to change it.