Made in Switzerland by FELCO

Product Information

  • In brief

    • A pneumatic pruning shear fitted with a spray device fixed to the anvil blade support.
    • The pruning cut is sprayed after the blade has cut the branch and is in the closed position.
    • If the protection product applied requires saturation of the pruned cut, just keep the lever pressed until the desired effect is achieved.
    • Operating pressure: 7 to 15 bar
    • Air consumption: 24 to 50 litres / min.
  • Recommended for

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    • Special applications:***
    • Small hand:**
    • Average-sized hand:**
    • Large hand:***
    • Right-handed:***
    • Left-handed:
  • FELCO technical specifications

    • Unidirectional spraying device
      Unidirectional spraying device

      Unidirectional spraying of liquid and viscous products. This model was especially designed to combat diseases common to old wood.

    • Micrometric adjustment
      Micrometric adjustment

      FELCO's micrometric adjustment system guarantees an optimal adjustment of the cutting head throughout the life of the tool. It ensures a clean and precise cut.

    • Passive safety
      Passive safety

      A manual thumb catch keeps the blade locked when the pruning shears are not in use.

    • Double piston
      Double piston

      Greater cutting strength which eliminates any difficulties during cutting.

    • Coil spring
      Coil spring

      Energy (air) saving device and faster blade release.

    • Forged aluminum cutting head support
      Forged aluminum cutting head support

      Lightweight, strong and sturdy thanks to special aluminum alloys and advanced precision forging methods. Equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee*.

  • Accessories

  • Spare parts

    2/302/30Adjustment key1x 2/30$0.66
    70/170/1Blade1x 70/1$56.97
    70/5070/50Anvil-blade1x 70/50$61.07
    70/5870/58Pin1x 70/58$1.08
    70/5970/59Screw1x 70/59$0.84
    70/5270/52Bolt1x 70/52$17.83
    70/5370/53Nut1x 70/53$10.24
    70/5470/54Locking segment1x 70/54$8.91
    70/5570/55Screw for locking segment1x 70/55$0.60
    70/1170/11Coil spring1x 70/11$4.22
    70/1270/12Piston with guiding rod1x 70/12$41.31
    70/1370/13Locking screw1x 70/13$5.78
    70/1470/14Shutting spring1x 70/14$1.32
    70/1570/15Valve piston1x 70/15$3.37
    70/1670/16Octogonal nut1x 70/16$13.49
    70/1870/18Valve shutter1x 70/18$7.71
    70/1970/19Commanding lever1x 70/19$28.91
    70/2070/20Lever pin1x 70/20$1.69
    70/2870/28Retaining ring1x 70/28$2.65
    70/370/3Pushing link1x 70/3$30.11
    70/3070/30O-ring1x 70/30$3.85
    70/3170/31Shutting joint1x 70/31$2.29
    70/3270/32Joint ring1x 70/32$2.05
    70/3370/33O-ring1x 70/33$2.17
    70/3470/34Paper joint1x 70/34$1.20
    70/3670/36Shock absorber1x 70/36$6.38
    70/3870/38Guiding screw1x 70/38$6.62
    70/570/5Guiding bush1x 70/5$17.46
    70/5170/51Head of cutter1x 70/51 + 2x 70/58 + 1x 70/36 + 1x 70/5$87.57
    70/5670/56Axle1x 70/56$4.70
    70/5770/57Clamp1x 70/57$4.94
    70/670/6Cylinder1x 70/6$85.04
    70/6670/66Safety slide1x 70/66$7.95
    70/6770/67Flat safety spring1x 70/67
    70/6870/68Screw for slide1x 70/68
    70/870/8Piston with push rod1x 70/8$61.07
    70/970/9Separating washer1x 70/9$17.95