Made in Switzerland by FELCO

Product Information

  • In brief

    • Wire cutters specially designed for repetitive use cutting radial ply carcass high strength steel cables in the pneumatics industry.
    • Specially shaped cutting head with smaller opening for smaller diameters, supple spring for greater comfort.
  • Recommended for

    Our recommendation(1: Recommended, 2: Strongly recommended, 3: Best fit)
    • Repair and manufacturing workshops:***
    • Cables, wire-drawing mills:***
    • Electricity, telecommunications:***
    • DIY, leisure, floral arrangements:***
    • Automotive, pneumatics industry:***
    • Cinema, theatre, events:***
    • Small hand:
    • Average-sized hand:
    • Large hand:
    • Right-handed:
    • Left-handed:
  • FELCO technical specifications

    • High-strength blades
      High-strength blades

      Hardened and tempered blades for cutting the strongest of cables.

    • Triangular cutting action
      Triangular cutting action

      FELCO's innovative triangular cut allows you to progressively cut cable wires and at the same time avoid squashing of strands. Thanks to this feature, it is generally not necessary to tie the cable before the cut.

  • Accessories

  • Spare parts

    C7/35C7/35Coating1x C7/35
    C7/4C7/4Bolt1x C7/4
    C7/5C7/5Counter nut1x C7/5
    5/115/11White spring1x 5/11
  • Maintenance

    • Oiling

      After cleaning, it is advisable to oil the tool so as to protect it from corrosion. The oil will also unjam the tool.